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These videos profile clients discussing their experience with their business plan. They used their plans to pursue funding from government, public, and private sources, and to solidify their goals.

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Trenouth Family Holdings
Radville, SK

Tundra Airborne Surveys
Toronto, ON

Toy Farm Storage
Baltimore, ON

Mambec Martial Arts
Dartmouth, NS

Afro Diva Hair Salon
Victoria, BC

Rainbow Bubbles Inc.
Markham, ON

d'Errico Studios
Vancouver, BC

Studizzy Productions
Toronto, ON

Dixie Lee Chicken
Penetanguishene, ON

Pro Pacific Heating
Port Alberni, BC

Graham's Woodchips
Osgoode, Ontario

Robin Mungall Fitness
Edmonton, AB

Cynkeda Inc.
New York, NY

MARC'S World Wide
Midland, TX

Trenouth Family Holdings used BPD's services to apply for $100,000 towards improving their manufacturing capabilities.

Tundra Airborne Surveys used BPD's' services to help them secure funds for necessary modifications to their aircraft.

Toy Farm Storage employed Centre for Business Plan Development in hopes of applying for small business government grants.

MAMBEC Martial Arts turned to BPD with plans to expand their business in Nova Scotia.

Afro Diva obtained a business plan from BPD to apply for a grant and help refine their company goals.

Rainbow Bubbles used BPD to plot their company's goals and help guide them towards government funding assistance.

Centre for Business Plan Development helped Vancouver art studio find additional funding to approach licensing agents and retailers.

Toronto's Studizzy Productions used Centre for Business Plan Development to customize a "bible" for their music production company.

Maria Struik, a Dixie Lee franchisee, geared her business plan towards developing a training center in Bruce Mines, Ontario.

Rob Mooney, owner of Pro Pacific Heating in Port Alberni, BC turned to BPD to help expand his business into a storefront.

Graham Kelly of "Graham's Woodchips" turned to BPD to pursue grants funding, in hopes of micro-fitting his custom and specialty woodworking business

Edmonton's Robin Mungall hired BPD to help define his business goals and apply for future grants and loans for his mobile fitness company.

Cynthia Barrett Bismuth, CEO of Cynkeda Inc. explains how BPD helped to refine her focus, goals, and business timelines.

Michael Williams outlines how BPD helped define the vision and goals of MARC'S World Wide, a US-based medical and scientific staffing company.

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