Business Plan Frequently Asked Questions

We welcome your questions and try to provide you with as complete an answer as possible to any you may have. Please browse the following FAQ section where we address a variety of informative questions entrepreneurs such as yourself have previously asked us. Questions like yours are what have helped us develop and improve the services we offer.

Business Funding

Am I guaranteed to receive funding?

Are government monies available for my specific industry?

Can I apply to more than one program?

How big a company do I have to have to receive financial assistance?

How do we know if this is the right time for our company to start looking for new funding?

How long will it be before we get approval for government funding or receive capital financing?

I heard that governments no longer gives out grants to small businesses, is this true?

What are relocation grants?

What do government information and services programs do for my business?

What is a conditionally repayable contribution?

What is a tax refund or tax credit?

What is an access to resources program?

What is equity financing?

What is government insurance against business risk?

Business Plans

Are people going to disagree with any of my ideas or plans?

How much time is needed to produce a plan?

What key points do investors require in a business plan?

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